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Rebekah (The Vampire Diaries)
bluedreamer80 wrote in year_of_celebs
Hello everyone, needtakehave is now mainly concentrating on landofart so I'm currently your new moderator at year_of_celebs. Hopefully the site should be fully operationnal by next week and i will be shortly accepting the new claims as well.

It's a little late for this month, but from next month I was thinking of reinstoring the monthly voting in order to choose the following :

>> Top Overall Icon (icons in sets cannot be included): 1st place, 2nd place, 3place
>> Most Creative Icon (icons in sets cannot be included): 1st place, 2nd place, 3place
>> Category Set (icons in sets only are included): 1st place, 2nd place, 3place
>> Category Icon (icons in sets only are included): 1st place, 2nd place, 3place

Somehow before changing the rules, I would like to have your opinion on this so I would appreciate your comments and/or suggestions on this - ideally I would like to have answers this week (until Monday, September 19th) so that from the 20th I can send out another post

1- Wait until 3 people have completed 100 icons and put the icons for voting (a selection of 10 icons and upto 5 sets are then chosen for voting).

2- Every month, Upto 5 icons and 1 set are submitted for voting.

3- Every month, upto 6 icons and 1 set are submitted for voting. One of the 6 icons posted would include a theme I randomly choose from each bingo card. Therefore there would be an extra voting for that icon.

Anyhow, whatever you choose, please remember to post at least five icons by the 19th of each month !

Thank you.

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Yay! A new mod has arrived :) I think the monthly voting is a great idea and encourages people to keep making those icons.

I think the first option could take too much time and there would be sooo many pretty icons to choose from that I would be completely at loss when choosing my faves. I'm feeling the 3rd option the most. I really like the idea of picking one theme each month for special vote.

Excitedly waiting for my claim to be accepted ;)

Hi menthae

Hopefully just a few more days... ;)
Thank you for your patience

OMG I actually really thought this comm is abandoned XD
I'm also participating and focusing at landofart right now but I'm excited to start my claim here! :D

Echoing menthae, I would choose 2 or 3, with less options when choosing because voting from a large batch is difficult and exhausting XD

But honestly I'm not really familiar with how things are going around here so I'll go with whatever you decide :)

I think that 3rd option is the best (:

Thanks for your feedback :)

Will you be making a new claims post, or should we still be making claims at the old one?

I will be making a new one. It should be up latest by thursday... however, if you want to make a new claim... you can still put it in the old post until then.

Thank you and once again sorry about all the delays !

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